Call for Looong

  • Call across ALL networks for just Ksh 1.50.
  • Opt-in by dialing *544# to choose your preferred voice bundle.


  • How do I subscribe to this offer?

    You can subscribe by dialing *544#.

  • What is the validity of the bundle?

    10 minute, 33 minute and 66 minute bundles are valid for 30 days while the 333 minute bundle is valid for 45 days.

  • How do I check my bundle balance?

    By dialing *144#

  • Can I buy more than one bundle before the existing bundle expires?

    Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle, a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle. When you buy any bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the minutes resources will accumulate.

  • Do I earn Ziada points when I purchase the bundle?

    Yes, you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle.