Toll Free

0800 Toll Free - Calls at No Charge to the Caller

Toll Free is a value-added service to your business that allows clients or customers to make “free” calls to you chargeable to the called Company’s 0800 free phone account. i.e. 0800 221 XXXX


Improves and strengthens your customer service.

Gives you international marketing advantage.

24 hour Customer Service.

Fast and efficient response to your customers



  • What is toll-free service?

    Toll-free service is a one-way incoming service that allows a business/organisation to receive calls at no charge to the caller. Toll free number is a way to attract new customers and helps build customer loyalty. It is also a good way to assist travelling employees.

  • Do I receive a separate bill for my toll-free service?

    Yes, we will provide a separate bill for your toll-free.

  • Do I need any special equipment to get started toll-free service?

    No. You can receive toll free incoming calls either through  your fixed telephone or mobile phone.

  • How many calls can my toll free number take at a time?

    Businesses/organisations can receive thousands of calls simultaneously without any impact on their service or that of other customers. We recommend you first contact our technical support.

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