This is an offer that allows for a point to point connection that enables data transmission through a private access point name. The device must be configured with the appropriate settings to connect to the customer specific APN.

A SIM card is inserted in the device (PDQs, HWIC card,GPRS router) and the SIM card number is associated with the customer specific APN. Provisioning process includes adding the customer’s specific APN to Telkom Kenya’s location register. Any user not authorized to use the APN is not allowed from accessing the register.

Each dedicated customer APN is set up to route IP traffic from the TKL gateway node via an IPsec tunneled connection over a private circuit to the client’s network. Only the device connected to the customer specific APN,it is able to send and receive traffic directly to and from the client corporate network.

No of linesPrice per line
2,001 and above200

The rate per line is dependent on the number of lines on the APN.

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