Telkom Postpaid

Telkom Postpaid

Telkom Postpaid mobile service gives you the freedom to call, text and browse at affordable rates within the bundle.


Telkom Postpaid's features include : 


  • Monthly data bundle
  • Unlimited  on net Calls
  • Minutes to other networks
  • SMS to any network
    Telkom Postpaid
    KSh 999
    • 5GB Data
    • Free Unlimited On-Net Voice
    • 300 Minutes Off Net Voice    
    • 300 SMS
    Telkom Postpaid
    KSh 1499
    • 10GB Data
    •  Free Unlimited On-Net Voice
    • 500 Minutes Off Net Voice    
    • 500 SMS
    Telkom Postpaid
    KSh 2499
    • 25GB Data
    • Free Unlimited On-Net Voice
    • 800 Minutes Off Net Voice    
    • 800 SMS
    Telkom Postpaid
    KSh 4999
    • 50GB Data
    • Free Unlimited On-Net Voice
    • 2000 Minutes Off Net Voice   
    • 2000 SMS
    • On net calls will be free with a cap of 3000 minutes for the month
    • All bundles are valid for 30 days
    • PAYG rates will apply after exhausting the bundle resources
    • The deposit required is twice the monthly bundle amount.


    Postpaid Data Only Plans

    We have data only packs to support your communication needs.

    Get data on the go with a MiFi router and any of the data packs so that you can handle business anywhere and at any time.


    Price GBs


    5 GB


    10 GB


    20 GB


    35 GB


    • All bundles are valid for 30 days
    • Balance inquiry can be done on
    • If you exhaust your monthly bundle, you can recharge your account and purchase a prepaid data bundle on *200#
    • To use voice and SMS services on these plans, the rates below will apply
      • On net calls- Ksh 2
      • Off net calls – Ksh 3
      • SMS across networks - Ksh 1

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I sign up to Telkom Postpaid?

      • By visiting the nearest Telkom shop with your National ID
      • You will be required to pay two months deposit
      • For corporate organizations,  you can request through your account manager
    • What do I get when I subscribe to Telkom Postpaid?

      • Monthly data bundle
      • Unlimited  on net Calls
      • SMS to any network
      • Minutes to other networks
    • What is the validity of Telkom Postpaid offers?

      Monthly bundles are valid for 30 days.

    • Are Telkom Postpaid offers auto renewed?

      • The monthly bundle will be reset at the start of every billing cycle

    • How do I check Telkom Postpaid offer balance?

      • By dialing *200# and choosing option 2

    • Can I buy more than one Telkom Postpaid offer before the existing bundle expires?

      • No. However the customer has the option to purchase other bundles on *200#
      • New data bundles will have  different validity period.
    • What happens when my Telkom Postpaid data balance is at 0MB?

      • Browsing will be charged at Ksh 4/Mb
      • However the customer has the option to purchase other bundles on *200#
    • Do Telkom Postpaid roll over?

      • Any unutilized data bundle will not be rolled over
    • Can I upgrade from one Telkom Postpaid offer to another?

      • Yes you can upgrade by visiting any Telkom shop for assistance.

    Contact Us



    Contact Number: 020 4600200(Calls from other Networks)

    Contact Number: 0800 200 000(Calls from other Landlines)