Free WhatsApp

Dial *544# to subscribe


This offer allows the Telkom Pre-paid customer FREE WhatsApp, every day.Dial *544# to Subscribe.

FREE Whatsapp offer is an innovative service from Telkom enabling our customers to enjoy Whatsapp for FREE all day and night.

To subscribe dial *544# and select “FREE Whatsapp”.

You can call,chat,share videos on Whatsapp using the free data awarded everyday.


15MB 1 day of validityKSh 9
40MB 1 day of validityKSh 19
100MB 1 day of validityKSh 39
400MB1 day of validityKSh 49
20MB7 days of validityKSh 19
200MB 7 days of validityKSh 99
Xcell 2GB 7 days of validityKSh 249
Xcell 12GB 7 days of validityKSh 990
150MB30 days of validityKSh 99
400MB 30 days of validityKSh 199
1.5GB 30 days of validityKSh 499
4GB 30 days of validityKSh 999
10GB 30 days of validityKSh 1,999
20GB 30 days of validityKSh 2,999
Xcell 6GB 30 days of validityKSh 990
Xcell 30GB 30 days of validityKSh 2,990
100GB 90 days of validityKSh 8,999


  • What other benefit do I get by subscribing to the FREE WhatsApp product

    You get an additional Free 50MB data bundle that you can use daily from 6am to 8 am.

  • Can I use the Free Whatsapp for texts,pictures and videos or is it text only?

    You can use the free whatsapp to chat, make calls and share videos.

  • In case I do not use all my Free Whatsapp allocation, does it roll over?

    No,in case you don’t finish your Free Whatsapp data, the allocation is reset at midnight and does not roll over any unused Free Whatsapp data.

  • Can I use my FREE WhatsApp on the 4G Network?

    Yes. The FREE Whatsapp bundle can be accessing on any Telkom’s data Network , including our super fast 4G internet

  • If I finish my Free WhatsApp, what happens to my data usage?

    • In case you had subscribed to other data bundles, they will be consumed; otherwise you browse on the out of bundle rates of Ksh. 4/- per MB
    • You can buy any of our data bundles by dialing *544#

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Terms & Conditions

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