Mobile Number Portability

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service which allows a non-Telkom customer to switch over to Telkom while retaining his/her existing mobile phone number.

You will however require a new SIM card from Telkom.

The Process

Visit any Telkom Shop Country wide

Request & fill MNP form

Present your ID documentation to Shop Agent

Purchase new SIM card @KSh 60

Send SMS ‘Hama’ to 1501 from current mobile line

Receive confirmation SMS of Successful MOVE


  • What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

    MNP is a service offered by all mobile service providers that allows you to switch over to any another network provider while retaining your existing mobile phone number.

  • What are the benefits of Mobile Number Portability to the customer?

    MNP allows a you to choose the network they prefer. For example, by choosing Telkom, you will enjoy the following products and services, among others:

    • Telkom Mobile Money
    • Fastest data speeds on 3G & 4G network
    • Kenya‘s lowest call rates on Holla
    • Ziada points (loyalty points)
    • Pewa (advanced airtime)
    • Beat yangu (Ring back tones)
  • What should I do before I move my number?

    1. Back-up all contacts saved on your current operator SIM card
    2. Pay up any credit advance you may have borrowed against your prepaid account
    3. You should use up or retrieve any funds in a money transfer account held against the number you wish to move
    4. Pay up all moneys you may owe your current operator on your postpaid account. You may contact your operator to find out your final outstanding balance prior to moving.
  • What is the identification documents required for moving?

    You can provide any of the below documents at a Telkom shop countrywide

    • Kenyan national identity card
    • Valid Passport
    • Military identity card
    • Work Permit
    • Alien card
    • Valid driving license
    • National identity card issued by parent country
    • Certificate of incorporation or Certificate of registration (For corporate accounts)
  • Can I make my moving request online?

    No. You are required to visit a Telkom retail  shop and to follow the process described above.

  • What is the fee for moving a number?

    Moving to Telkom is  a FREE service.

  • How long does it take to move my number?

    Moving to Telkom Kenya should take a maximum of two working days between Monday and Friday. moving will not take place on Saturdays, Sundays and all Public holidays.

  • Can prepaid customers move their numbers?

    Yes. Prepaid customers can request for either prepaid or postpaid services with the recipient operator.

  • Can I move out if I am a postpaid you on contract?

    Yes. You will be expected to settle all your outstanding balances including your unbilled amounts and maybe required to settle early contract termination charges.

  • What is the stay period when moving?

    Yes. It is a 14 day period after moving within which you are allowed to go back to your donor operator. You will not be charged early termination fees if you exercise this option.

  • How frequently can a number be moved?

    You can only move to a new operator after being with your current operator for a period of not less than 60 calendar days from your last successful move.

  • Can I cancel my moving request?

    No, you cannot cancel your move request after sending an SMS to 1501.

  • How will I know that my moving request has been successful?

    You will receive SMS notifications during the moving process. If your request has not been successful you will need to contact your recipient operator (that is the operator you wish to join).

  • What happens to my airtime balance?

    Your credit will be lost upon successful moving and will not be carried forward.

  • What happens to my Telkom Mobile Money account?

    If you move from Telkom, you will lose the ability to use Telkom Mobile Money if you move to another network. Any unutilized balance at the time of moving will not be accessible to you once you move to another operator. The balance will be transferred to a holding account and can be refunded on request.