Data Bundles

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Data Bundles

The internet presents to us lots of opportunities. We are here to enable you access it affordably and at amazing speeds.

What’s new?

  • We now have a wide range of data bundles and of validity options to meet your needs.
  • For your mobile data use, we have a self-contained portal from where you are able to manage your data account by tracking your usage, topping up and buying bundles as well as managing your data experience.
  • You can also extend the validity periods before expiry by purchasing another bundle of equal or higher validity before the expiry of you current bundle
  • Most affordable with price per MB going for as low as 9 cents per MB.
  • Choose your preferred bundle from the daily, weekly, monthly and 90 day bundles offers.

Choose your preferred bundle from the daily bundles, weekly bundles,
monthly bundles and 90 day bundles offers.

15 MB1 day of validityKSh 9
40 MB1 day of validityKSh 19
100 MB1 day of validityKSh 39
400 MB1 day of validityKSh 49
XL Daily 400 MB1 day of validityKSh 49
20 MB7 days of validityKSh 19
80 MB7 days of validityKSh 49
200 MB7 days of validityKSh 99
500 MB7 days of validityKSh 199
XL Weekly 2 GB7 days of validityKSh 249
XL Weekly 12 GB7 days of validityKSh 990
150 MB30 days of validityKSh 99
400 MB30 days of validityKSh 199
1.5 GB30 days of validityKSh 499
4 GB30 days of validityKSh 999
6 GB30 days of validityKSh 1,499
10 GB30 days of validityKSh 1,999
20 GB30 days of validityKSh 2,999
XL Monthly 6 GB30 days of validityKSh 990
XL Monthly 30 GB30 days of validityKSh 2,990
100 GB90 days of validityKSh 8,999
XL Monthly 3 GB30 days of validityKSh 499
XL 90 Days 100 GB90 days of validityKsh 4,999


  • Do the new data bundles become active immediately?

    Yes,the new data bundles become live at the stroke of midnight on 31st March 2017.

  • If I have data bundle which is still running, does it stop being active when the new bundles become live?

    No,the current active data bundles will be allowed to run through their full validity period without interruption.

  • Can I earn Ziada points by using the new data bundles?

    Yes,you can earn one Ziada for every one shilling equivalent of data bundle used for accessing internet.

  • In case my data bundles expire,do I lose them entirely?

    All the internet bundles must be used within their validity periods.

  • How can I extend the validity of my data bundles?

    You can extend the validity of your bundle by purchasing another bundle of equal or higher validity period just before the current bundle expires except the daily offers which can only be extended by another daily offer.

  • Can the data bundles renew automatically when they expire?

    The automatic renewal feature will only be available for the daily data offers.

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