Welcome to
Telkom Kenya 4G

Dial *544# to subscribe

Welcome to Telkom Kenya 4G

Enjoy faster movie downloads, movies and videos streaming, uploads of photos, transfer of files, online gaming at speeds five times faster than the 3G speeds.

Slow speeds can be greatly irritating and is a major test of an individuals level of patience. As Telkom, we now authoritatively tell you that the slow speeds are now a thing of the past.

Whether it is downloading or streaming movies, uploading files ar conducting online research, you no longer have to split your hairs as you wait for the content to download with Telkom Kenya 4G which now enables you to access online content at 5 times the normal data speeds.

Offer - 4G FOR FREE Offer:
With this offer, Telkom customers enjoy FREE 4G data, for use on Telkom's super-fast 4G network, every day.
Every customer that purchases a data bundle from Telkom will be awarded FREE data bundle for use within the Telkom's 4G Network. To get this offer, dial *544# and purchase any data bundle.

The following are required to enjoy the Free 1GB data;

  • A Telkom 4G Simcard 
  • A 4G ready phone
  • Be in a 4G covered location. 

Which towns are covered by the Telkom Kenya 4G?

Bungoma   Busia   Diani   Eldoret   Embu   Kakamega   Karatina   Kericho   Kiambu   Kilifi   Kisii   Kisumu   Kitale   Kitengela  Kitui   Limuru   Machakos   Malindi   Maseno   Meru   Mombasa   Muranga   Nairobi   Naivasha   Nakuru   Nanyuki   Narok   Ngong   Nyeri   Ongata Rongai   Thika   Voi


  • What is the 4G For Free offer?

    This is an offer given to Telkom customers who have an active data bundle. The offer is accessible in a 4G network covered area.

  • How much data do I get with the 4G For Free

    Once you have an active data bundle, you are automatically awarded FREE 4G data for use the whole day. This Free data is renewed every day at midnight and does not roll over.

  • What do I need to access the 4G For Free offer

    • A 4G Simcard
    • A 4G ready phone
    • Configure your smartphone : Go to settings and select 4G/3G/2G network type
    • Be in a 4G covered area. Visit www.telkom.co.ke to check Telkom’s 4G Network coverage.
  • How do subscribe to 4G For FREE?

    Dial * 544# and buy any data bundle ; you will be awarded the 4G For FREE once the request is successful.

  • What happens when my data bundle expires/gets exhausted

    Once your data bundle expires you will no longer enjoy the 4G For Free offer. Please purchase another bundle to continue enjoying the offer.

  • Can I use my 4G For Free bundle in a non 4G Network coverage area?

    No. This 4G For Free bundle can only be utilized in a 4G network coverage area.

  • How do I know that my phone is 4G enabled?

    Once you put in the 4G SIM card and change the network settings to 4G/LTE, the phone will display 4GLTE next to the network bars.


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