NiSort allows you to communicate to your loved one’s, colleagues when you are out of airtime or have run out of your PEWA advanced airtime. NiSort is available to all Telkom mobile subscriber base.

Dial 128 followed by the number e.g. 128077XXXXXXX

Called party pays for the call at standard Telkom rate of KSh 2 per minute.


Nisort is ideal when you need to make an urgent call and you do not have access to airtime

NiSort is ideal for customers/clients of businesses who want to enhance customer interaction without airtime barriers.


  • Are NiSort calls charged on the bundle account or main account ?

    All NiSort calls are charged at PAYG rate of KSh 2 from the main account

  • How do I block some numbers from calling me using NiSort ?

    You can block numbers by putting them on the NiSort black list

  • Can Postpaid numbers access NiSort?

    Postpaid numbers cannot receive nor make NiSort calls

  • Can I use NiSort to call Off-net numbers?

    No, NiSort is only for Telkom pre-paid subscribers

  • Will I be notified of failed NiSort calls?

    You will be notified if the called party rejects the call

  • If I deactivate/unsubscribe from NiSort service, will I be able to make NiSort calls?

    YES, you will be able to make the calls ,but you cannot receive NiSort calls

  • Can the white & black lists be managed by customer care?

    NO. It’s a self service 

  • What is the maximum numbers allowed in black or white list?

    Maximum number is 10 numbers

  • Can ported numbers use the NiSort service?


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