Roaming Rates

International Roaming Rates

Telkom Travel is our roaming service that enables for GSM users to automatically make and receive voice calls, send and receive data, or access other services when travelling outside the Kenya, by means of using a visited network.

Roaming allows you to automatically make and receive voice calls, access internet, or  other services when travelling outside the country.

While roaming, your telephone number remains unchanged and you can receive telephone calls just like you were in Kenya. Your bill will be paid in Kenya in Kshs. The list of available destinations is growing every day. Be sure to call our customer care service on 100 from your Telkom line before you travel to check if your destination is available.​

*Note some numbering plans might be excluded from a Destination (Country) as they have different pricing compared to that shown, due to VAS services offered.


  • How can I get access to postpaid roaming? 

    The service is activated upon a written request by the customer, presented to the Telkom shop or to an account relationship manager. A contract is signed and a refundable security deposits is paid. 

  • How do I use the Telkom roaming service? 

    When you arrive in foreign country, switch on your mobile phone. The mobile phone will automatically pick radio signals of roaming partner network and initiate registration in visited network. 
    In case the automatic authentication fails, a subscriber can use the manual authentication through his phone settings, network and selects manual configuration 
    The visited network will 'authenticate' the customers mobile phone with Telkom (e.g. check if it's a valid customer, whether the customer is allowed to roam, services which customer can access, etc). 
    Once authentication is done successfully, the customer can make and receive calls. The name of the visited network will be displayed on the screen of customers' mobile phone.

  • How do I make calls in a foreign country using my roaming service? 

    A subscriber can make calls to any destination in the roaming country and also to any destination outside the country in which they are roaming. 
    One will simply dial the relevant area code and number of the country in which they are roaming. 
    For international calls, a subscriber will have to add a '+' (short code for 000), the country code of the country you are dialing and the telephone number of the person you are calling. 
    For example to call customer 0770123456  while roaming, roamer X will have to dial +254770123456  
    To make a call from the home network to someone who is roaming, a subscriber only has to dial the persons complete Telkom number as they do when they are on the home network. 
    If somebody within the country in which you are roaming needs to contact you, they will have to dial your Telkom number, including the international access code (+) and the international dialing code for Kenya (254) followed by your number. 
    For example: +254 770123456

  • How will I be charged for calls while roaming? 

    All calls are charged differently depending on roaming country visited. Please visit our website to check the applicable rates before you travel. 
    For received calls by the roamer while in a foreign country, the caller shall be charged the equivalent of the international calling rate to the visited country.

  • Is SMS service available while roaming? 

    Yes, SMS service is available to all customers that roam in countries with Telkom roaming presence.SMS roaming is an effective and cheap way for you to communicate while you roam. 
    It's important to note that the SMS centre number has to be the correct one i.e. 0770000040 

  • What do I do when I return home? 

    A subscriber will just have to switch on his phone, this will automatically search for Telkom network and get connected. 
    In case one has trouble, they can check the phone settings, and perform a manual selection of the home network. 

  • What do I do in case I have a problem?

    In case you have trouble while roaming it's important to contact the customer help line on           + 254 20 2221000 or send an email to

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