Mashariki Roaming Bundle

Are you travelling to Uganda, Rwanda or South Sudan soon? Are you a frequent traveler to these countries?Dial #123# to subscribe.

Roam with Mashariki bundle to enjoy seamless borderless communication. As you go out there to exploit the available opportunities, we are obliged to make your communication experiences seamless and affordable so that your communication costs remain as low as possible. Get more talk time with the most affordable roaming bundle in the region.


KSh 500
  • Up to 65 Mins (Only)
  • Up to 130 SMS (Only)
KSh 1000
  • Up to 130 Mins (Only)
  • Up to 260 SMS (Only)

To subscribe:

Dial #123#
Select Voice/SMS bundles followed by Roaming bundles then you preferred option


Reduced roaming charges in comparison to roaming on pay as you go in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Benefit of voice and SMS bundled service instead of paying for them separately.

The bundle rates take in to account a volume based discount.


  • Is the bundle offer available to both postpaid and prepaid customers? 

    The bundle offer is only available to prepaid customers.

  • How do I subscribe?

    • Subscription is via USSD menu

    • Dial #123#

  • What services do I get? 

    Only voice and SMS services are contained in the bundle offer

  •  Can I use the bundle while roaming anywhere in the world?

    The bundle can only be used while roaming in Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan and for traffic destined only to within visited country (Local), Kenya (calling back home), Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.

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