Entertainment is pushing conversations in our society today. What song you’re currently listening to and how it makes you feel sets up a premise for our social media status. With Beat Yangu, we strive to create the conversation with every call placed on the network; the tune played will spark a new conversation! 


How to Subscribe 

  • Through USSD *811# (similar to current service)
  • SMS 1351



  • Entertain your callers- Choose from our robust library of songs, that cover all genres to fit all customers moods and preferences: Hip-Hop R&B, Local, International, religious (Christian & Muslim), wacky tunes, inspirational tunes, sports anthems etc. 
  • Express yourself through your tune- With Beat Yangu, you get to be the DJ and play songs for your friends and family, allowing you to share your favorite music ring-back tone with the people who call you the most, and lets you express your creative side through music!
  • Share your taste in music/personality with others -Every time your callers look for you, they will be able to copy the tone you have by simply pressing * during the call.
  • Gift your friends & family with tunes- Want to gift your loved one with a tune? Simply select tune to gift and enter phone number.
  • Choose from over 3000 songs and various artists and genres
  • Choose new and popular songs (always being updated) 
  • Select specific tunes for specific callers
  • Select specific tunes for specific times- With Beat Yangu, it allows the user to select his/her own music, at different times, for different people. This ability allows one to become whoever he wishes to be with just a few clicks. 
Beat Yangu KSh 1 local & Ksh 1 for international per tune, per day