Business SIP Trunk


Our Business SIP trunk is a voice service based on the SIP protocol by which we deliver voice using an IP data connection as opposed to a traditional landline to customers with an existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX).



Flexibility: We’ve designed the Business SIP trunk to align with your specific channel sizing requirements, be it 12, 13, 22 or more ensuring that your growth requirements are effectively met with minimum hustle.

Smooth onboarding process: Telkom’s Business SIP Trunk has been rigorously taken through interoperability testing with the leading hybrid and IP based PBXs to guarantee a smooth and seamless onboarding process on your existing PBX infrastructure with minimal capex investment and impact on business operations.

Business Number Retention: Move with your existing number on Telkom’s legacy voice service to the SIP Business trunk and thus forego the need of having to change your marketing collateral to advertise a new number.

Competitive pricing: Enjoy the cheapest on-net and off-net rates on per second billing and realise substantial cost savings on your business.

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Contact Number: 020 4600200(Calls from other Networks)

Contact Number: 0800 200 000(Calls from other Landlines)