Flexible offer that allows you to set a limit on your post-pay consumption

Standard features:
Hybrid service –customer can top up once their bundle runs out.

Customer can buy prepaid or postpaid data bundles after exhausting allocation.

Customer has a wide range of choices from as low as 1k-50k.

Access to prepaid roaming.

Access Fee
KSh 250
  •  KSh. 2.30   Telkom - Telkom Call 
  •  KSh. 3.30   Other Network Call 
  •  KSh. 1.10   Telkom - Telkom SMS 
  •  KSh. 1.10   Other Network SMS 
  •  KSh. 4.30   Per MB of Data
Deposit: Equal to cap


  • Why Telkom Postpaid plans?

    Telkom postpaid plans give you flexibility & convenience which is essential for good customer experience while ensuring that that you get the best value for your money.

  • How can I get a postpaid service?

    Simply visit a Telkom shop or email corporatecare@telkomkenya.co.ke
    and our team will assist you.

  • What postpaid offers are available?

    • For Corporates & SMEs

    1. Full postpaid- Gives you unlimited talk time

    2. iControl-Postpaid offer Customer chooses limit of their package-1k-100k

    3. CUG-Voice offer that allows for free calls within a group​

    • For Individuals

    1. ​Ongea-A postpaid bundle offer with 2 packages sh.1000 & ksh 3000

  • What do I require to get a corporate line (pure postpaid; CUG & iControl)?

    Certificate of Registration

    • PIN Certificate

    • National ID

    • Fill an application form

    Individual line (Ongea)

    • National ID

  • How can I buy data bundles while on postpaid?

    You can buy a postpaid or prepaid data bundle if you are on 

    • iControl or Ongea 

    • To get a postpaid data bundle contact your key account Manager 

    • Or visit your nearest Telkom shop

    • To buy a prepaid data bundle dial *124#

  • How do I access roaming on my postpaid line?

    Roaming is only available for pure postpaid customers, with an additional deposit of 
    KES 5,000

  • What happens when my Postpaid service is disconnected temporarily?

    When your postpaid account has been temporarily disconnected, you will not be able to make any regular calls, send text messages or use your mobile Internet. To have your account re-activated

    • Call 0800200000 or 020 4600200 

    • Or write to corporatecare@telkomkenya.co.ke 

    • Contact your Key Account Manager

  • How do I pay my bill?

    You can pay your bill using:
    Visa; MasterCard; Mobile Money; KCB Mobile; Equity Eazy 24-7; Co-op Mobile and Chase Mobile. Simply follow this link http://www.telkom.co.ke/payments/

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