E@synet is a high speed yet affordable data service targeted to the SME market.

E@synet Features
- Services start from as low as KSh. 3,499

Reliable - Minimal points of failure thus assurance on reliability of the service.

High Download Speed - Unlimited bandwidth up to 12Mbps download speeds for high users. 

Flexible - E@synet comes in both pre & postpaid options with the following packages


E@synet Super Lite
2 mbps

Download Speed: 2 mbps
Upload Speed: 512 kbps
Monthly Recurrent Charge(MRC –VAT  Incl.): KSh 3,499
One Time Charge (OTC - VAT Incl.): KSh 8,120

E@synet Lite
5 mbps

Download Speed: 5 mbps
Upload Speed: 1 mbps
Monthly Recurrent Charge(MRC –VAT  Incl.): KSh 5,499
One Time Charge (OTC - VAT Incl.): KSh 8,120

E@synet Standard
10 mbps

Download Speed: 10 mbps
Upload Speed: 1 mbps
Monthly Recurrent Charge(MRC –VAT  Incl.): KSh 9,280
One Time Charge (OTC - VAT Incl.): KSh 8,120

E@synet Pro
15 mbps

Download Speed: 15 mbps
Upload Speed: 1 mbps
Monthly Recurrent Charge(MRC –VAT  Incl.): KSh 13,699
One Time Charge (OTC - VAT Incl.): KSh 8,120

MRC – Monthly Recurrent Charge (How much we charge customers per month)

OTC – One Time Charge (Installation charge – Paid once)

E@synet is available via:

Copper - Radio - Fiber

How to activate?

Documents required for a successful Application

Pin Certificate

Certificate of Incorporation
Registration of the company

Passport/ID number of the signatory


  • What is E@synet?

    E@synet is an unlimited shared fixed data product targeted to the SME market providing high speeds at affordable prices.

  • What is shared Internet?

    Internet sharing is the use of a device like a switch or a router as an access point for other devices.

  • What are the packages E@synet offers?

    • E@synet Superlite – 2 mbps  – MRC Ksh 3,499

    • E@synet Lite – 5mbps  – MRC Ksh 5,499

    • E@synet Standard – 10 mbps – MRC Ksh 8,499

    • E@synet Pro – 15 mbps – MRC Ksh 12,499

  • What is the key differentiator in the three packages?

    The key differentiator is the speed of the internet. If the customer feels that their internet needs are high, they are advised to take up higher bandwidths.

  • What is the OTC for E@synet?

    • Ksh 7,000 Plus VAT

    • WIFI Router (optional) Ksh 3,599

  • Where can E@synet be offered?

    This depends on a site survey. We can offer E@synet in areas where we have:

    1. Copper

    2. Fiber

    3. Where there is Line of Site to out PoPs via radio

  • How do I apply for E@synet?

    Fill in the E@synet application and Terms and conditions form and indicate the package that you wish to select. Also provide the following documents

    1. Certificate of incorporation (Ltd Companies) or Business Name registration forms (businesses)

    2. Company PIN

    3. Applicant’s ID

  • How long does it take to receive service upon successful application?

    Installation should happen in between 2 – 4 days

  • What do I need to get internet after application?

    A router to broadcast the internet in your premises. You could use LAN or WiFi for the same. 

  • In case of any issue with the connection, what should be done?

    Call Customer care on 200 or 0204600200

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