Facebook Bila Net

Facebook BilaNet allows Telkom subscribers to access Facebook without the internet by dialing *32#.

KSh 10
KSh 50
KSh 100

Who can use Facebook BilaNet

The Facebook BilaNet experience is ideal for feature phone users and customers who travel to low data coverage areas.

With Facebook BilaNet you can:

  • Check notifications and the latest status updates
  • Update status on multiple social networks with one single entry
  • Reply to updates
  • Like/Dislike a status
  • Instant Message
  • View/Post/Reply
  • Multi-chat
  • Post to multiple communities at once


Stay connected to your favorite social networks without data subscription

Easy to use; no need to download, install or launch an application Operator Benefits


  • How do I subscribe to the service?

    You can subscribe through dialing *32#

  • How much is the service?

    Facebook BilaNet has the below bundles:

    • Daily KSh 10
    • Weekly KSh 50
    • Monthly KSh 100
  • How do I unsubscribe to the service?

    You unsubscribe from Facebook BilaNet through dialing *32# and following the menu to unsubscribe

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