Telkom voicemail, is a personal answering service that takes messages when you are not available or busy with another call.

Access (Activation & Deactivation)
To activate,  retrieve voicemail messages and deactivate the service, you should dial 123 from your Telkom line and follow the instructions

Voicemail deposit is charged at the Telkom Tujuane rate of KSh 2/- per min

Features of Voicemail

Up to 20 messages per mailbox.

Saves messages for 7 days.

Standard, Name greeting & Personal greeting set.

SMS notifications during missed calls and out of reach call events.


  • How do I subscribe to the service?

    All Telkom Subscribers are automatically on voicemail, however to listen and set your own voicemail message subscriber needs to dial 123

  • How much is the service?

    • Deposit of  a voicemail it charged PAYG rate KSH 2
    • Retrieval of voicemails is FREE
  • How do I unsubscribe to the service?

    Dial 123 and follow the instructions to unsubscribe

  • How does Voicemail benefit you or your business?

    • Records messages even if your line is out of order for added convenience.
    • Messages can be retrieved from anywhere in the world, via any tone dialing telephone, including cell phones and internationally.

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