T-kash IS HERE?

It’s time your money moves like you. 


T-kash is Telkom's Mobile Financial Service that simplifies and enables you to send money, pay bills and buy goods quickly and on the move.


The service allows customers to:

Send and receive money across all mobile networks in Kenya.

Deposit and move money to and from your bank account.

Top up airtime and buy data bundles.


Pay your utility bills.



Bank Transfers from T-kash to bank account & vice versa




It is a one-time 8-digit code that you will use to withdraw money from an Agent /ATM or to buy goods and services at a T-kash Merchant.




1. You do not need an agent number to withdraw cash from a T-kash Agent.


2. The T-kash Code is not matched to any specific Agent outlet therefore it can be used at any T-kash Agent outlet.


3. It is free to generate a T-kash Code.


4. You do not need a Till number to pay for goods and services.


5. If you visit an Agent with insufficient funds and you have already generated a T-kash Code you can redeem it at another agent.


6. Reduces errors since one cannot send e-money to the wrong Till.


7. No need to wait for reversals as agent can perform deposit reversals within 10 minutes.


8. T-kash code valid period is 10 minutes.


9. Generation of T-kash code does not mean a payment has been effected the payment is effected when the code is redeemed at an agent/merchant outlet.


10. ATM transaction limits are a minimum withdrawal of KShs 200 and a maximum withdrawal of KShs 40,000.


11. Merchant transaction limits are a minimum payment of KShs  1 and a maximum payment of KShs  70,000.


12. The minimum amount that a customer can send money is KShs 1, and the minimum one can deposit and withdraw is KShs 50.




Telkom Kenya Limited was Kenya’s first telecommunications provider in Kenya, and was from inception, a government owned company.

Carrier Services

Telkom Carrier Services is a division within Telkom Kenya, which is Kenya’s premier telecommunications provider that provides integrated telecommunications solutions.