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SME Broadband

Easy-to-deploy internet solutions for business can boost your efficiency and productivity. With this solution, we provide you with an affordable, fully managed and secure connection that guarantees you of high speeds and reliability in turn enabling your business to be always-on.

Products under this portfolio include:

Business Internet

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Cloud Solutions

Our cloud services ensure your delivery through affordable connections. Achieve high levels of communication, collaboration and security within your business without a heavy investment in servers, server rooms, IT expertise or maintenance.

Our cloud solution portfolio includes:

Domain, Email and Web Hosting

Virtual Hosting

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Unified Communication

Unified Communications integrates communication options such as phone, video conferencing, instant message and email into a single platform. It allows your people to collaborate anytime, anywhere and on any device thus enhancing everyone’s productivity.

Services under this portfolio include:

Hosted PBX

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Enterprise Mobility

Our mobility portfolio delivers flexibility by providing both unlimited and hybrid offers depending on the nature of your business.

Unlimited offers: On this plan, you are billed on usage.
Hybrid offers: On this plan, you can continue to enjoy the service even after reaching the set limits by toping up.

Solutions under this portfolio include:

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Fixed Voice

Enhance your delivery by connecting with customers, employees and partners over a clear voice network. No matter whether you need traditional fixed-line or a Voice over IP system (VoIP) we have the network capability, hardware and service to suit your needs.

Services under this portfolio include:

Biashara Talk

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